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Another week, another batch of books for your TBR pile. Good reading, folks.


Andrea Bartz, We were never here

Bartz takes the idea of ​​a ‘frenemy’ to new heights. . . . Another expert vivisection of female forms of communication and competition. ”
– Los Angeles Times

Megan Abbott, Attendance

“Abbott’s novels are often described as crime, and although she really works with mystery and suspense and draws on noir and gothic tropes, her goal seems less to construct intricate, double-edged plot problems than to explore the dark side of femininity …. with others words, Megan Abbott is a mood. ”
–New York Times Book Review

Naomi Hirahara, Clark and division

“Naomi Hirahara’s Clark and Division opened my heart and mind to details of the experience of the Japanese Americans during World War II. It is rich in detailed detail and is historical fiction that turns aside, a tender family story and a mystery that plays on two levels: What Happened to Rose Ito? and at what price are Japanese Americans finally seen as drunk Americans? It’s a story that touched me deeply. ”
–Attica Locke

Timothy Chaffert, The perfume thief

Did anyone say ‘queer espionage’? Clementine is one of the best protagonists of the summer … Other writers have had clever assumptions about spy novels from World War II, but no one has created a voice like Clems, at once a true artist and a woman who has spun a story to save her life.
– Los Angeles Times

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Martin Walker, The coldest case

Walker really shines by depicting the Dordogne – and Bruno’s idyllic life there. . . . New readers to the series can safely start here – Walker has the rare ability in a series writer to orient both old and new readers. A party. “
–Connie Fletcher, Book List

Stephen King, Billy Summers

“King’s latest endeavor begins with a well-known premise: the decorated veteran Billy Summers, a principled hitman before retirement, agrees to do one last piece of work. Things are going south in a spectacularly bad way, giving a characteristic royal excitement about luck, destiny and redemption. Seeing the undisputed master of horror switch to the realm of noir thrillers is proof that King can still surprise and amaze us all these decades later. ”
– Ask

LaTanya McQueen, When the calculation comes
(Harper perennial)

“LaTanya McQueen writes brilliantly and obviously about the haunted stories lurking behind landscapes and road signs; tidal features of childhood friends; what it means to leave home and what it means to return. When the Reckoning Comes is an extraordinary, beautifully crafted debut. ”
–Laura van den Berg

Mark Billingham, Kaninhul
(Atlantic Monthly)

“Follow Alice – funny, inventive, loving and annoying – down the rabbit hole in Billingham’s fast-paced thriller.”
–Paula Hawkins

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Claire Douglas, Then she disappears

“Gillian Flynn fans and fans of the ‘girls disappeared’ genre would enjoy the well-framed tale of twists, especially the latest revelation.”
– Book list

Moses Naim, Two spies in Caracas
(Amazon Crossing)

“Naím exercises his experience as a writer on international affairs and a former member of the Venezuelan economic cabinet to provide authoritative insight into the severe economic downturns and increases in violence caused by the power plays of external actors seeking to exploit a vulnerable nation in turmoil. This is a must for anyone wishing to explore this tumultuous and often bizarre period in modern Latin American history. ”
– Publishers weekly

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