Best home security cameras of 2021

Here are some important features to consider when purchasing home security cameras:

Video resolution

Resolution directly affects the quality of home security footage produced by your camera. A clear image provides crucial details to help identify faces, vehicles, and items in a recording. At a minimum, choose a camera with a resolution of 720p, but we suggest 1080p or higher.

Field of view

Field of view refers to the area that a camera sees through its lens. This affects how many cameras you need and where you need to place them. In general, choose a camera with a field of view of at least 110º, although wider angles are generally better.

Motion detection

Most security cameras offer motion alerts to help prevent break-ins and keep deliveries safe. You receive notifications when a camera observes movement, so you can respond appropriately. Choose a motion sensor camera with plenty of settings to get the most out of its motion detection.

Night vision

Images from security cameras that are too dark to see the details are virtually useless. How far your camera can see in low or low light situations affects its effectiveness after sunset. To cover your bases, choose a camera with adequate night vision range.

Two-way audio

Cameras with two-way communication have a microphone and speaker for interacting with people or pets on the other end. Two-way talk effectively turns your home security camera into an intercom for speaking to a delivery driver or monitoring children after school.

Pan and tilt

A pan and tilt camera has motors that allow you to reposition the camera lens from a distance. This feature records an area larger than a static camera and reduces the number of cameras you need to observe a particular area.

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