How much does SimpliSafe cost?

There is only one monthly subscription associated with SimpliSafe home security systems: the Professional Surveillance Plan. The cost depends on the monitoring plan you choose.

The self-monitoring plan is your DIY option. The interactive monitoring and standard monitoring packages use a cellular connection, so they work well for homes without a dedicated landline.

the Self-monitoring with camera recordings package for alarm systems is the cheapest at $ 9.90 per month. It includes 30 days of unlimited video storage for up to five cameras, advanced SMS alerts, and personalized private phone notifications. Additionally, you can arm the home security system using your phone.

the Standard monitoring the service is a bit more expensive at $ 14.99 per month, and we think it’s worth it. It monitors water leaks and temperature changes. It also includes professional 24/7 surveillance, fire surveillance and cellular connection for homes that don’t have landlines.

It also means that you will still be able to call the police or emergency services, even when traditional phone services are interrupted. So if a tree falls on your phone line or if you forget to pay your bill, you can still get help in an emergency.

the Interactive monitoring the plan costs $ 24.99 per month. It includes all the functionality of the other two combined plans. In addition, it will save recordings from up to 10 cameras for 30 days. SimpliSafe also offers customers a free security camera when they sign up for this surveillance service package.

Our favorite part of this alarm system package is the convenience it offers. You can arm and disarm the entire system using the app. Forgot to arm the system before going to bed? No problem, just use the app and snuggle up. You can also use this package with your smart home devices.

If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, you can use the home security system without a monitoring plan, but going it alone limits how well the system works. If you choose to self-monitor with your SimpliSafe system, you will lose access to these features:

  • Access to the call center in case of emergency
  • Cloud storage for videos
  • Arming / disarming the system with the app

We do not recommend that you do without a monitoring plan. The siren will still work to scare off intruders and you can view live camera footage using the app, but that’s about it.

If the thought of setting up anything electronic makes you nervous, you can hire a professional. SimpliSafe’s professional installation fee is $ 75, regardless of which plan you choose.

Plans range from $ 229 to $ 489, and SimpliSafe doesn’t perform credit checks, even with larger plans. There is five main types of packages SimpliSafe likes to advertise, but they have a few more that are almost identical to the top five. Usually the only difference is an extra sensor or two.

For simplicity, we compare the top five and the included equipment beyond the base station, keypad, input sensors, and motion sensors that come with each package.

Think of the Foundation as a starter pack. It comes with the basics you will need to create a home security system. If you have an apartment, this package is ideal as you probably won’t need more than one entry sensor.

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