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Eufy offers one of the broadest ranges of security cameras on the market. This puts it in a prime position to compete with Arlo and Nest on the high end, Ring and Reolink on the midrange, and Wyze and YI for budget dominance. We love that there is something for everyone, but let’s take a look at what makes Eufy a convenient alternative to these popular brands.

At first glance, the best cameras in this review have some distinctive features that help them fulfill specific security roles around the home, but they also share a lot of features. Nonetheless, you can find slight variations among cameras that look alike like the EufyCam 2C and the EufyCam 2. Here are the main features you can expect in Eufy security cameras.

Privacy policies first: One of Eufy’s biggest advantages over the competition is its emphasis on protecting your privacy. That is why all models of Eufy IP cameras come with some form of local storage to keep your data off the internet. Likewise, Eufy cameras, applications and cloud servers follow strict encryption protocols when connecting to the internet. We’re also fans of the app requiring two-factor authentication when signing in on a new device.

2K video resolution: Virtually all Eufy cameras are available in 1920p (also known as 2K) and 1080p versions. Surprisingly, 2K video resolution isn’t much more expensive than 1080p. This narrow price gap, especially on the Solo and SoloCam models, means it’s worth choosing 2K over 1080p every time. While upgrading to 2K on EufyCam models is not such a great deal, as you often pay for multi-camera kits, an additional camera tends to negate some savings.

Eufy application: The Eufy app is your gateway to configure and control your Eufy camera. You can watch live footage or view any recording that happened while driving home from vacation. You can also use the app’s two-way audio to talk with people through the camera like an intercom.

Local storage: All Eufy cameras can store video without using the internet or a cloud storage plan. Storage media depends on model with products using one of three methods: built-in storage (SoloCam), microSD card (Solo IndoorCam), or HomeBase camera hub (EufyCam).

Voice assistant: Each Eufy security camera works with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart home platforms. You can request a live stream on a smart screen, which is ideal for family members without a smartphone. While we like this for quick checks on a camera, the Eufy app is a better interface.

Energy source: Eufy offers a healthy mix of wired and battery powered security cameras. While most wired cameras are indoor models, outdoor cameras like the Floodlight Cam 2, Solo OutdoorCam, and Video Doorbell also have wired connections. The battery-powered cameras are designed for outdoor use, lasting 4 to 12 months depending on the model. There’s even a handy solar panel accessory to extend battery life even further. Finally, the SoloCam S40 has an integrated solar panel on the top.

Waterproofing: Eufy’s battery-powered cameras all come with a more rugged IP65 or IP67 protection that helps them withstand rain, snow, heat and cold. Among wired cameras, the Floodlight Cam and Solo OutdoorCam offer similar weather resistance.

Spotlight : You can find bright spotlights on the EufyCam 2C, SoloCam S40, SoloCam L20, Solo OutdoorCam and Floodlight Cam. They are great for capturing color video at night, which offers a bit more detail than the infrared night vision common to all Eufy cameras. We also love that you can light a path and surprise potential intruders in a rushed retreat.

Apple HomeKit support: HomeKit allows some Eufy cameras to work with Siri and the Apple Home app. The functionality is similar to what you can do with Alexa and Google. Only a small selection of Eufy cameras work with Apple HomeKit and the Apple Home app: Solo IndoorCam C24, Solo IndoorCam P24 and EufyCam models using the HomeBase 2 hub (2, 2 Pro, 2C and 2C Pro).

Since all Eufy cameras include local storage, its cloud plans are an optional benefit for people wanting to back up to a secure cloud server. Cloud storage is not available on all Eufy cameras, the most notable absence being the SoloCam models. You can sign up for an Eufy cloud plan using the Eufy Security app and your online customer account.

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