SimpliSafe 2021 Home Security Review

You must purchase your equipment in advance, but all SimpliSafe preselected packages are less than $ 500 (or less than $ 400 when you add the Complete Home Monitoring plan at checkout).

When it comes to SimpliSafe’s professional surveillance, we recommend the comprehensive home surveillance plan for several reasons. It costs more per month than other plans, but it’s still cheaper than other DIY systems like Frontpoint.

Better for video:
The comprehensive home surveillance plan includes unlimited camera recording, on-demand recording, and video verification. This means you can tune into the events around your home at any time. and ask the professionals to help you in an emergency with the images you capture.

Better for emergencies:

The comprehensive home surveillance plan also includes 24/7 monitoring and dispatch, fire watch and medical response. Thus, any type of emergency is covered. It even includes less common hazards like monitoring temperature and water damage.

Better for equipmentNT:

If you have a larger home or want equipment that goes beyond the basics, we recommend the Complete Home Monitoring plan. SimpliSafe has sensors for smoke, freezing temperatures and water leaks that not only keep your home safe but also healthy.

SimpliSafe’s pricing, monthly contracts and interior equipment make it one of the best home security systems for tenants.

Whether you are renting 500 or 5,000 square feet, SimpliSafe offers kits with everything you need to secure your home. And most of them cost less than $ 400.

You will need to prepay for your system, but you can cancel at any time without worrying about fees or complicated contracts.

SimpliSafe’s 24/7 professional monitoring is optional and you can add, cancel, upgrade or downgrade your monitoring service plan at any time at no additional cost.

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