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The CrimeReads editorial staff selects the best new books of the month in paperback.


John Fram, The bright countries
(Hannover Square Press)

“John Fram delivers with his mix of humidity, mystery and fear in South Texas – along with police corruption and toxic masculinity …[The Bright Lands] gives us the queer thriller of the age of Grindr we’ve been waiting for. ”-Rolling stones

Lisa Lutz, The swallows
(Ballantine Books)

“With a memorable cast and more than a few secrets, Lutz’s latest is a turbo-charged tale of our time.” –Newsweek

Stuart Turton, The devil and the dark water
(Sourcebooks Landmark)

“The Murder in the Locked Room meets a Michael Bay movie via Treasure Island; you can not know what’s going on just if the author does not want to tell you until he has delivered the last surprise – and another after that. The effect is irresistible. ”-The Guardian

David Heska Wanbli Weiden, Winter counts
(Ecco Press)

“Exciting, gritty, gruesomely inviting and resonant, Weiden’s thriller, with its illumination of Lakota’s spiritual traditions and hope for Virgil’s development from thug to dull, launches a promising and meaningful series.” – –Book list

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Lisa Unger, Confessions on 7:45 p.m.
(Park Row)

“Confessions on the 7:45 is a brilliant study of characters who are as damaged on the inside as they are perfect on the outside, populated with enigmatic female protagonists who will haunt readers long after the story is over.” – –Shelf awareness

Robin Wasserman, Mother, Daughter, Widow, Wife

“Examining the frontier where close female friendships can be blurred for obsession and self-destruction … The core of the dark story is an intoxicating and all-consuming friendship between two teenage girls.” –New York Times

Joe Clifford, Søhuset

“Prisons with pell-mell action, striking characters and a tantalizing complex plot.” –Library diary

Michelle Campbell, The wife who knew too much
(St.Martins Griffin)

“This turner is ready for the pool.” –Forlags Ugeblad

Peter Lovesay, The finisher

“Mr. Lovesey, a veteran master of chaos and deception, laces ominous suspense with wit. The finisher shows his enduring abilities in this, his 50th year of writing crime fiction. “- Tom Nolan, Wall Street Journal

Jo Nesbø, Kingdom
(Vintage Crime / Black Lizard)

“The Kingdom is a complex and smoldering independent novel by the author of the popular Harry Hole detective series, and it dives deep into its characters. Twisted, violent, gripping and very disturbing. ” – Buzzfeed

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