Zmodo Camera Reviews | SafeWise

The Zmodo Mini Pro has smart features including the ability to distinguish between people and pets to reduce motion notifications. You can also set up motion activity zones to receive notifications about movements in a specific area of ​​the room, maybe it’s a window, door, sleeping area. games or an off-limits location.

If there are times when you don’t want to receive any notifications at all, you can create an on / off schedule on the app.

The Mini Pro also has a two-way audio system so you can chat with your family anytime. It’s a convenient alternative to the phone and you don’t have to wait for someone to answer the call. Just check the live stream through the Zmodo app, tap the microphone icon and start talking.

Speaking of the app, you’ll need to purchase a subscription for most of the features, including motion notifications, two-way audio, continuous recording, and time-lapse videos. But you can use it for free to check the footage in real time.

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